Preparation of Presentation Materials

RiTA 2021 will have a hybrid conference; physical and virtual presentations.

Every oral speaker will be given for 9 minutes to have 7 min presentation and 2 min Q&A. We request oral speakers to prepare and upload a 7 minute video of their presentation on the Virtual Conference Platform InfoVaya below no later than December 7. In person attendance speakers can make a presentation at the time of the conference. In this case, the pre-recorded presentations are required as a back-up and video on demand after the conference. All speakers should be present 10 minutes before their session starts, to have a 2 minute discussion with audience right after 7 min presentation. No video submissions, no physical or virtual presence will be considered “no-shows”. Please check your session time in the Program at a Glance.

To record a compatible video, we recommend using Zoom. In order to give attendees a quick idea about your work at a glance, we also request you to prepare a representative image of your paper. This can be one of the main Figures in your paper or a collage of key Figures. Also, you can upload your additional materials such as one page and presentation slides, to help attendees understand your research. We would finally like to encourage you to add your headshot photo on the Virtual Platform InfoVaya.

Required documents for physical or virtual presentation
1. Mandatory material
  • Pre-recorded Video in MP4
   – Video length: 7 minutes (file size: max 100 MB)
   – Video dimension: minimum height 480 pixels HD, aspect ratio 16:9
2. Optional documents
 • Presentation slides in pdf
 • A representative image in png or jpg, and up to 4 bullet points capturing the essence of your work
 • Speaker’s Headshot Photo in jpg, png

Please note that only registrants are allowed to get access to the virtual platform and the live streaming.

Virtual Conference Platform InfoVaya
Click here to upload the video file and other materials.